The garden at Mossbank has been, and still is, a challenge and always a work in progress. The 3 acre property was an old grazing block covered with spiny rush, gorse, shale and rabbits. It seemed a most daunting block and we thought, what on earth are we doing?

There is a framework of native and exotic trees, a wide mixture of hardy natives and Mediterranean plants and roses. When starting to build our mudbrick home, laying out the bones of the garden began. Starting from the back door, chipping away with pick and crowbar, the garden began to evolve. Fruit trees were planted, a vegetable garden started between the house and barn, enclosed with espaliered crabapple, medlar and cherry trees.

Today the garden is abundant with many varieties of trees, roses, lavenders, olives, climbers, bedding plants, hedges of rosemary, santolina (green and grey varieties) and large clipped balls of Teucrium fruticans. Terraces of gravel and lawn can be found at every turn while beautiful dry-stoned walls enclose and divide the garden areas where you can relax and hear the sound of running water in the fountains.

Mossbank Garden is a “Land for Wildlife” property as the grounds abound with local wildlife, the plantings are diverse and the tapestry includes many unusual combinations. The garden is always evolving and always a challenge. Our garden has made us self-sufficient in many ways. We grow our own vegetables, the orchard provides us with fruit for eating and bottling. Our beehives supply honey, the grapes our wine, the olive trees our olive oil and pickled olives.

Mossbank Garden is open to groups or private viewings and is open to the public during the Castlemaine and District Festival of Gardens

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